Services Management Program: The One Service Missing from Every Industrial Services Provider

We’ve all been there: A pipe bursts. A tank needs cleaning. Waste needs to be disposed of. So you send out a request for project bids. Then you have to spend hours combing through quotes. You finally choose a provider, but you often have to call them back to do the job right. Then…there’s billing.

At the end of the day, you have more of a headache dealing with some service providers than dealing with the problem they came out to solve.

There Really Is a Better Way to Manage Services

When SWS set out to fill the gaps in what industrial service companies were providing, we found some things consistently missing from most every program:

  • An easy way for customers to get complete industrial services for all their needs;
  • where costs are clear, upfront and competitive;
  • and there is never a questions about who is working on your site, how much it will cost, or what the quality will be.

That’s why we put together the Services Management Program. It’s a program we’ve been running for years. Now we’re rolling it out to every customer that wants to save hours and hours of headache each month, save money on batched services, and keep their facilities running at peak efficiency at all times.

The Services Management Program is the one thing missing from the industrial services market: a no-nonsense way to keep your facility running at peak operational efficiency, and get on with business.

Here are a few examples of how it starts:

From De-energization to Waste Transportation and Remediation

SWS called on a Fortune 500 electric and natural gas utility company that serves several markets throughout the Southwest. We did a site assessment of their damaged substation in Houston, Texas, and performed some de-energization around live high-voltage equipment. But the project required SWS to do the work in stages instead of all at once—otherwise, we would have cut power to homes in the area. SWS helped the utility company recover its damaged equipment and get back up to operational efficiency.

And that was just the start.

No facility has just one problem to solve—especially not a damaged substation. SWS put together a plan to lower costs and provide services for field services, emergency services, waste transportation & disposal services, and remedial services. It was exactly what the energy company needed at that facility.

Then hurricane Harvey hit.

Because SWS was already an integral part of maintaining operations, the customer reached out during Hurricane Harvey for specialized equipment. SWS provided over 15 airboats in order to assist the customer with facility inspections and employee evacuations. When every other company in the Houston area needed help getting back on their feet, this substation had everything they needed to stay up and running.

How Decontamination Lead to Cost Savings Across Multiple Services

SWS received an opportunity for a decontamination project at an industrial metal working and coating facility that was to be cleaned for future sell.  Our professionals provided a free site assessment and quote, and the client chose SWS based on our approach, schedule, and cost.

Quick Facts:

  • Field/industrial service project
  • Base project awarded for overall value (quality, safety, schedule, price)
  • Cost savings for customer due to in-house waste transportation & disposal capabilities
  • Successful project lead to a partnership at a new facility
  • Now providing all service lines for the customer: Field & Industrial, Waste Transportation & Disposal, Emergency Response, Remediation

During the decontamination process, SWS personnel identified waste products throughout the facility, including out of date chemicals and manufacturing byproducts. These materials required identification, characterization and packaging for recycling and disposal. SWS notified the customer and provided a quote to complete this additional work.  We could save the customer costs since resources were already onsite and SWS maintains an in-house Waste Transportation and Disposal division.  Our team won the contract for additional waste transportation and disposal activities, including characterization, profiling, packaging, transportation, and disposal.

Following that work, the client only wanted to work with SWS personnel to import new product to the facility following decontamination.

Service Line Provided
Field & Industrial
Waste T&D

The customer relocated to a new facility and as a result of the successful project, SWS became the customer’s environmental company. SWS currently performs emergency services work, manages their Large Quantity Generator (LQG) 90-day waste storage facility, and performs industrial cleaning to maintain their plating and painting lines as well as tank cleanings.

SWS created a more effective and cost efficient work environment through the synergy that our multiple service lines offer our customers.

Is It Time for More Efficient Services?

Let us help your company be more safe, efficient, and cost effective by using our standardized multiple service line capabilities.  No matter if your service needs are the planned and scheduled type or the unexpected and immediate response, SWS is “Always On” and can meet your needs.

It’s worth the free site assessment to see how you can lower costs and improve efficiency with the Services Management Program. Schedule your free walk through either by filling out the form on this page, or giving us a call at 877.742.4215.


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