The manufacturing industry is a big, broad category. Whether it’s petrochemicals, pulp and paper, automotive or steel, the manufacturing industry in general is chock full of environmental concerns. At the root level for example, the production of basic chemicals involves hazardous substances and wastes. Improper handling can result in serious accidents and the discharge of toxic substances or gases into the environment. At the other end, discarded products may sit in landfills for centuries creating unknown conditions for future generations. Then there are health concerns which are equally prevalent as studies have revealed certain chemical compounds pose health risks with repeated exposure.

SWS Environmental Services understands the many challenges that today’s manufacturers and industrial businesses face. Coupled with the predicted manufacturing boom and the energy boom we are currently experiencing, lower costs for material processing are in our reach and the perfect catalyst to drive significant growth. But with that growth, environmental concerns are sure to continue and only become more challenging as companies look for ways to reuse, recycle, reclaim, store, transport and dispose of waste streams.

Our goal is to provide the manufacturing industry with a wide array of environmental services that help make your business run smoothly and address those routine environmental challenges.


Utilized broadly for industrial services, field services and waste transportation and disposal, vacuum trucks are the workhorses of the environmental service business. We own and operate more than 100 standard, liquid ring, and stainless steel vacuum trucks as well as industrial loaders and combination units distributed among our 29 service centers.


Delivering water pressures between 10,000 psi – 40,000 psi, application is very effective in cleaning boilers, heat exchangers, condensers, evaporators, tanks, railcars, piping, and other industrial settings.


Management of the disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste generated from routine business operations, remedial projects and post-response clean-up activities are common. This includes classification, profiling, manifesting, and transportation to qualified Treatment Storage Disposal Facilities (TSDFs).


There are a number of different factors to consider when relying on an emergency spill response company to be your designated responder – responder proximity, mobilization time, training, experience, personnel, resource availability, spill response equipment, communications, and financial strength. All these critical factors together can seriously impact the final outcome of an incident.

Because SWS focuses on all those factors, we conduct thousands of spill responses each year ranging in size, scope and duration. Our goal is to mitigate damage to the surroundings by quickly containing the spill and performing the cleanup so your plant, facility or office can get back to business. We understand the regulatory requirements of the manufacturing industry and work with the appropriate government agencies to ensure compliance. For events with a major release or particularly hazardous chemical, our staff of professionals is seasoned, well trained, and extremely knowledgeable in what they do.


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