Industrial Services

SWS Environmental Services provides industrial cleaning and plant maintenance services for a variety of industries that include power, telecom, terminal & bulk storage, natural gas, refining, food & beverage, pipelines, railroad, chemical processing, ports and harbors, and pharmaceutical. Industrial Cleaning and Maintenance is often integrated with other environmental services that ultimately provide turnkey project execution.

We own and operate the right equipment to perform industrial cleaning and maintenance projects that range in size, scope and duration. Our primary objective for each task is to cost-effectively meet the technical requirements and maintain quality throughout the process.

Our technicians are thoroughly trained in all aspects of equipment operation, site-safety, and compliance. These types of services typically require specific training to perform; Confined Space Entry and/or Rescue, 40-HR HAZWOPER, Hazard Communication, Lockout/Tagout, Bloodborne Pathogens and OSHA 10-Hour General Industry.

At SWS we can provide specifically trained individuals to accommodate our client’s needs, matching the appropriate equipment to get the task completed efficiently and safely.

  • Tank Cleaning
  • High Pressure Water and Dry Ice Blasting
  • Steam and Boiler Cleaning
  • Liquid Vacuuming
  • Dry Product Removal
  • Tank & Pipe Cleaning
  • Facility Decontamination
  • Grit Blasting
  • Roll-Off Trucks and Boxes
  • Product / Material Transfers
  • Air Monitoring
  • Oil Water Separators


SWS offers a variety of industrial cleaning and plant maintenance services to our clients throughout the Southeast, Midwest and Gulf Coast.


Air-moving is a highly efficient and versatile process for removing salvageable materials or industrial waste contained in tanks, containers, surface impoundments, and/or process vessels. Using suction velocities of up to 150 mph, air-movers can convey almost any material that will fit through an eight-inch hose over a distance of up to 1000 feet, depending on the material’s weight. Material or waste is deposited into truck-mounted collector modules, drums or other intermediate containers for transportation to ultimate disposition.


Sludge pumping solves difficult sludge conveyance problems. SWSES utilizes pumping systems that can move large volumes of highly viscous liquids with a high solids content as high as 30% solids. SWSES uses stand-alone, self-contained units that can be driven directly from the hydraulic system of an air-mover.


Steam cleaning effectively cleans heat exchangers and removes tar or pitch from concrete, high paraffin oil from surfaces, and residues from process equipment. Steam cleaning can also maintain a specified temperature during hydrostatic testing. Cleaning pressures can range from 600 to 2000 psi at 30-60 gpm. The temperature can range from ambient temperature to 250ºF (dry steam). The addition of specialty chemicals (detergents, degreasers, mild acids, and bases) allows maximum cleaning effectiveness on individual assignments.


High pressure water washing, is a safe, cost-effective method of cleaning interior and exterior surfaces, process configurations, and other vessels. This is the most common industrial cleaning service, applications of which can be applied to just about every process plant or client facility. The process itself removes various deposits, and other built- up material by using water at varying pressures and flow rates. SWSES utilizes equipment, which allows multiple angle cleaning with and without oscillation via the use of swiveled tips.


Liquid ring vacuum trucks efficiently and cost-effectively remove and transport liquid and semi-solid waste materials, both hazardous and non-hazardous, from surface impoundments, tanks, and other vessels. They are also frequently used in spill clean-up actions and for in-plant hauling or transfer of most liquids and sludge. Many of the units used by SWSES have full rear-opening doors, facilitating clean out at the completion of a project.


Oil/water separators (OWS) are systems that can be expensive to maintain. A number of different problems including sludge build up, excessive floating oil, introduction of detergents, or various spilled chemicals reaching the OWS can occur without the proper maintenance. The impact of those scenarios can have significant ramifications in the form of regulatory violations, expensive hazardous waste removal, ineffective operations, or even oil discharging into the sewer system. Whether maintaining a simple system or a more complex one with baffles, coalescers, or oil skimmers, SWSES routinely performs OWS cleanings including ancillary services such as confined space entry, sludge pumping, high pressure washing, bioremediation and waste transporation and disposal.


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"Greif Inc., Laporte, Texas has been a customer of SWS Environmental for several years. We value their partnership and supporting role and consider them as a part of our Greif Team. SWS Environmental has been available, day, night, holidays and weekends when we have required their support, they have responded promptly and stayed on the job through completion with follow up afterwards. It is a pleasure having a partner like SWS working with you during routine as well as difficult events. From top to bottom, I would recommend SWS to any company that requires skillful and technical environmental abilities on their job."

Tom H. Greif Inc.


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