Pipeline Awareness – 2.5 Million Miles of Pipeline in the United States

02 February 2018 / Enviro Matters
What does 2.5 million miles of pipeline look like? See for yourself in this video that takes you from offshore rigs to refineries, large diameter transmission pipelines, small diameter distribution pipelines, and more. more >

Predictions 2018: Federal policies to dominate

02 February 2018 / Enviro Matters
Seven energy industry experts look back at 2017 and use it as a guide to estimate the direction we may take in 2018. more >

The One Service Missing from All Industrial Services Providers

02 February 2018 / Enviro Matters
When SWS set out to fill the gaps in what industrial service companies were providing, we found one thing consistently missing from most every program: An easy way for customers to get complete industrial services for all their needs; where costs are clear, upfront and competitive; and there is never a questions about who is working on your site, how much it will cost, or what the quality will be. more >

Coast Guard Examines Response to Barge Explosion

22 December 2017 / Enviro Matters
One explosion, two lives lost, and thousands of gallons of fuel all brought decision-makers to the table to discuss how to prevent these events from happening again. See what they said and how the situation is progressing. more >

Did you see this? Happy holidays, from our families to yours.

22 December 2017 / Enviro Matters
From the @drillersclub Instagram account: "It doesn’t get cuter than next generation roughnecks sporting their favourite coveralls while they wait for Santa to arrive! more >


22 December 2017 / Enviro Matters
When the Ames, West Virginia, chemical fire put our client’s local office at risk of dangerous smoke, Doug Uhrig from SWS reported to the scene. more >

Judge gives initial OK to $4m settlement in diesel spill

01 December 2017 / Enviro Matters
A judge has given preliminary approval to a $4 million class action settlement over a January 2015 tanker truck diesel fuel spill in southern West Virginia that briefly shut down tap water supplies for about 12,000 people. more >

Join the Cause. Play Some Golf. Network with Pros.

01 December 2017 / Enviro Matters
The CLEAN GULF Conference & Exhibition focuses on improving oil and hazardous materials spill prevention, preparedness and response for inland, offshore and coastal incidents. more >

SWS Leads Marine Salvage work to Protect Florida Keys

30 November 2017 / Enviro Matters
SWS is on the front line of marine salvage work after Hurricane Irma where we are raising fishing boats and. more >

Marathon Petroleum Invests in River Safety with Maritime Simulator Donation

03 November 2017 / Enviro Matters
HUNTINGTON - Steering a river barge cannot be taught like driving a car or even flying a plane. There are. more >

How the Coast Guard Reopened the Port of Houston after Hurricane Harvey

03 November 2017 / Enviro Matters
On Saturday, August 26, Lieutenant Junior Grade Austin Fullmer was in Tampa, Florida, aboard the Coast Guard cutter Juniper, when he got orders. more >

Decontamination Protects Workers from Dangerous Substances by Eric Zimmer, CEO SWS Environmental Services

27 October 2017 / Enviro Matters
Industrial facilities generate waste while producing valuable products for businesses and consumers. Decontamination is often required for the neutralization or. more >

Irma causes one of the largest disaster power outages in the nation

15 September 2017 / Enviro Matters
Scrambling utility workers restored power for more than 2 million Florida customers on Tuesday, but that left nearly 5 million households still in the dark after Hurricane Irma, including more than 834,000 in Tampa Bay. more >

Tank failures in Harvey reveal vulnerabilities in storm

15 September 2017 / Enviro Matters
More than two dozen storage tanks holding crude oil, gasoline and other contaminants failed when Harvey slammed into the Texas coast, spilling at least 145,000 gallons (548,868 liters) of fuel and spewing toxic pollutants into the air. more >

Hydrogen Flouride Emergency Response – SWS Environmental Services Presents

15 September 2017 / Enviro Matters
It’s a slow day at the station when a call comes in for a hazardous materials spill at a commercial car wash. Dispatch advises the caller reported the spilled hazmat is corrosive, but they did not give a chemical name. more >

Hurricane & Flood Disaster Response Teams Available | IRMA & HARVEY

27 August 2017 / Enviro Matters
We have 24 Hour experienced local response teams and equipment ready to assist. SWS has over 30 years of experience responding to storms including Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Ike. more >

New study details economic impact of U.S. waterways industry

24 July 2017 / Enviro Matters
JULY 24, 2017 – The American Waterways Operators has released a new study that documents the contribution that the American tugboat, towboat and barge industry makes to the U.S. economy. more >

One tug sinks another raised

12 July 2017 / Enviro Matters
Nine people were evacuated when tug Eric Haney sank in the upper Mississippi River in North America. Diesel from the tug discharged into the river but SWS Environmental Services contained the spill using booms. more >

10 ways the transportation industry has Tennessee on a roll

20 June 2017 / Enviro Matters
Tennessee is all about transportation. Let’s count the ways: The state is blessed with a geographic location that places it. more >

2017 Utility Customer Study: Evaluating the reliability of utility providers

06 June 2017 / Enviro Matters
When a US customer turns on a light switch, ‘99.98’ times out of 100, it will turn on. However, if. more >

The origins of the circular economy

06 June 2017 / Enviro Matters
The following is an edited excerpt from "The Circular Economy: A Wealth of Flows" by Ken Webster (Ellen MacArthur Foundation,. more >


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